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AP 403 - Admission of Students states:

1. Resident Students

  1. The principal is responsible for the admission of students who reside in the attendance area of his/her assigned school.
  2. Requests for admission to schools from students living outside the normal attendance area must be submitted annually by May 1st to the Manager Transportation.
  3. In the case of students requiring special programming, the school attended is to be designated by the Superintendent responsible for Student Support Services.
  4. In communities with more than one school of the same grade configuration, (ie. Melfort with three K – 6 schools) attendance boundaries will be used to balance enrolment pressures and requests for exceptions will only be approved under extremely unusual circumstances.
    Similarly, in communities where the existing school is a “feeder” school that channels students into a high school in a different community (ie. White Fox) exceptions will only be approved under extremely unusual circumstances.
  5. In adjudicating requests for students to attend a school outside of their attendance area, any one of the following criteria will be considered to determine if transportation will be provided:
    • Needs - Has the parent/student met with the school principal in their attendance area to ascertain whether their needs can be met at their assigned school?
    • Curricular - Does the student have documented special educational needs that can be addressed in a better manner in the requested school?
    • Family Support - Does the request keep students in the same school as any of their siblings? Does the request support identified extended family needs arising from a “family breakup”?
    • Child Care - Where parents make arrangements for child care outside of their own school attendance area, they are not entitled to have their child(ren) attend the school serving the area where the child care services are provided.   Similarly, they are not entitled to transportation arising from the location where the child care services are provided. They may, however, make an annual request to the Manager of Transportation for alternate school attendance under the provisions of this clause and for transportation where the child care facility is currently provided with transportation for a resident pupil. 

f. In all other instances where a request is granted, transportation will not be provided. In all instances, where permission is granted or denied, appropriate and detailed correspondence will be provided and retained to ensure that a comprehensive record of all exceptions is kept on file. 

 When there is a request from a family living in the attendance area of a low enrolment school (i.e. Arborfield, Bjorkdale, Gronlid or Star City, White Fox), the requesting family is to meet with the principal of that school prior to any decision being made. The principal of the school must be notified of any students that wish to transfer from the school prior to any approvals being granted.

g. Any appeal of a decision of the Director shall be in writing to the Board of Education by the parent or guardian and shall specifically identify the section of this administrative procedure which they allege has not been followed.



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