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Truth and Reconciliation
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Truth and Reconciliation
Truth and Reconciliation
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Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation in NESD

Framework for a Provincial Education Plan 2020-2030

Planning partners of the provincial education sector along with the Ministry of Education co-constructed a plan that supports our reconciliation pathway for the future. The plan reflects the diversity of the province and ensures the presence and voice of First Nations and Metis education organizations as part of the journey towards reconciliation.

NESD Strategy Plan 2023-2026 Highlights

1.3.2 Advance relationships with Provincial Agencies, Community Based Organizations, and First Nations, Métis communities.

3.0  We strive for operational excellence with specific emphasis in:

3.1 Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Cultures & Languages

Office of the Treaty Commissioner

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner promotes respect for and understanding of the Treaties of Saskatchewan. This resource helps to promote the inclusion of Treaty Essential Learnings (TELs) within our curriculums.

NESD Partnerships

The partnership between the North East School Division and the Kinistin Saulteaux Nation, known as Kīnawind (Ours), was established on November 29, 2007, with the NESD Board and Chief Albert Scott. This collaboration fosters a reciprocal and respectful bond between the two parties. It leverages the unique strengths of each to enhance educational opportunities for all children involved.

Together with East Central First Nations Education Authority, the NESD shares a reciprocal tuition agreement, supporting students residing within the NESD to attend Bernard Constant Community School or for students who reside within James Smith Cree Nation to attend an NESD school.  The reciprocal agreement was constructed in partnership and was signed in celebration on May 25th, 2023.

The Invitational Shared Services Initiative (ISSI)

The Invitational Shared Services Initiative (ISSI) contributes to the development of partnerships between First Nations education authorities and provincial school systems. ISSI partners co-construct and implement a plan that focuses on improving outcomes for First Nations students living on-reserve attending provincial schools. 

The North East School Division works in two separate partnerships with the Kinistin Saulteaux Nation and Saskatoon Tribal Council to work toward improved education outcomes for on-reserve First Nations students who attend Nibwakawigamig Kinistin Education Centre and Tisdale Middle and Secondary School. 

A second partnership between James Smith Cree Nation, North East School Division and Sask Rivers School Division was established to support James Smith students who attend school off reserve within the boundaries of our provincial school divisions.

NESD Land Based Learning

Land Based Learning is more than outdoor education. It is about learning from the land and understanding our connection to it. Understanding our connection gives life to what the land can teach us, how it communicates with us and how it looks after all life upon it. The land has a way to strengthen all things. 

Land-based learning experiences contribute to the North East School Division’s commitment to reconciliation. 

NESD students have the opportunity for learning on the land because, from an Indigenous point of view, the land is the greatest teacher.  We want our students to understand and value this connection to the land and realize a sense of responsibility and relationship to protecting the land. 

Love Land

Love Land is a property that is on loan to NESD from Dr. Verna St. Denis for the purpose of land-based educational experiences for our students, educators, and staff.  The site allows for experiences of being out on the land in a different way.

Elders and Knowledge Keepers assist in the development and implementation of authentic and holistic learning opportunities.  Whenever possible, Elders and Knowledge Keepers are invited to share their teachings on site.

Kokom’s Gathering

This is a collection of resources to help strengthen our understandings of Indigenous Ways of Knowing. It also is a place of celebration of how learning is occurring in a “good way’ throughout the NESD.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30 marks National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in addition to Orange Shirt Day also marked on September 30. While it is not a statutory holiday in Saskatchewan, it provides an important opportunity to reflect and continue our reconciliation journey.  How you choose to mark this day is personal. You may choose to reflect on your experiences, attend local events or learn more about our history.

Many members of the NESD community mark their on-going commitment to Truth and Reconciliation by wearing an orange shirt on the last Friday of the month.




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