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Why Work for NESD
Why Work for NESD
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Why Work for NESD

Why work for NESD?

For the NESD, there is no greater compliment than when a parent says to their son or daughter, ‘the NESD is a great place to work.’ The NESD has received these compliments, not just in words but in actions. Our history boasts a number of families who have worked with us from generation to generation. What’s more, we are proud to say that many employees have been a part of the North East School Division for over thirty years.

So what would your work life be like at the North East School Division? Here we try to give you some idea!  We will tell about some of the benefits that are common to all of us, regardless of our position or the location in which we work.

Guiding Principles

The NESD has strong guiding principles and a clear vision for the future. To ensure education is delivered in a culture of excellence, the NESD considers the principles of responsibility, inclusiveness, cooperation, respect and commitment to be what all employees should possess and demonstrate. The NESD values people making a difference and our employees make a difference in the lives of our students and the organization every day.

NESD Code of Conduct


A Diverse and Interesting Work Place to Work

The NESD is an extremely diverse organization employing approximately 700 people in a wide range of areas.  We strive to be united, but not uniform. This is one of the key factors that make the NESD a really interesting and fulfilling organization to be a part of. Providing all of the diverse services to our students, we find ourselves in a privileged position of working within one of the biggest industries in our region.


A Co-operative Work Context

One of the things that people who join the NESD frequently comment on is the culture of collegiality between employees. It shows we care about each other and our students. As a result, we provide exceptional service and get involved in the community. We may be a school division with 700 people, but we are still like a family that supports each other.


A Sense of Meaning and Significance

As our mission is to provide education in a culture of excellence, our work makes a meaningful contribution the students and communities we serve.  Most of the people who work for the NESD find a great sense of meaning and significance from this fact.


Rewards and Recognition

Our employees are our most valuable asset, therefore health and wellbeing very important to us. As a result, our employees are provided with a comprehensive total compensation package which includes generous work and life balance options. This does not only mean monetary compensation, but employee appreciation programs, supplementary health, dental, vision care, and disability benefits, as well as life insurance, retirement plans and employee computer purchase programs.


Helping You to Perform

The NESD prides itself on giving people the resources that they need to perform their tasks efficiently and to a high quality standard.  This includes providing exceptional service from our internal service providers: Information Systems, Facilities Management, Financial Services, Transportation and Human Resources.  These comprehensive services are structured and provided internally to allow our employees to focus on their core responsibility…our students.


Personal and Professional Development

Your career advancement will always depend on the availability of a position and your suitability for it. To support you in your development we offer an enriching environment to those people who choose to embrace the opportunities available. Whether this is through division delivered or external professional development, our hope is that you will continually grow and expand your knowledge. With our focus on continuous improvement and because we employ well-qualified people, you will find yourself operating to the best of your abilities and striving to improve all the time.





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