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NESD Board Policies
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NESD Board Policies
NESD Board Policies
North East School Division

NESD Board Policies


North East School Division Board

Policy Handbook


The North East School Division Board of Education's focus is on creating safe, inclusive, and academically excellent learning experiences for all. 

NESD Board Policies Handbook


Board Policies

BP 101 - Foundations and Direction

BP 102 - Role of the Board

BP 103 – Role of Trustee (NEW)

BP 103.A1 – Trustee Services, Material and Equipment

BP 104 - Code of Conduct

BP 104.A1 - Code of Ethics (NEW)

BP 104.A2 - Code of Conduct Sanctions (NEW)

BP 104.A3 - Conflict of Interest Protocol (NEW)

BP 104.A4 - Annual Declaration of Potential Conflict of Interest (NEW)

BP 104.A5 - Online Presence and Social Media Guidelines (NEW)

BP 105 - Role of Chair

BP 106 – Role of Vice-Chair (NEW)

BP 107 - Board Operations

BP 107.A1 - Board Operations-Board Schedule of Remuneration Appendix

BP 107.A2 - Declaration of Elector

BP 107.A3 - Board Evaluation

BP 108 - Role of Committees

BP 109 – Board Representative (NEW)

BP 110 – Policy Making

BP 111 - Delegation of Authority

BP 112 - Role of Director

BP 112.A1 - DoE Evaluation Process, Criteria and Timeline (NEW)

BP 112.A2 - DoE Role Expectations (NEW)

BP 112.A3 - Leadership Practices Interview Guide (NEW)

BP 113 – Appeals and Hearings regarding Student Matters (NEW)

BP 114 - School Viability Review

BP 114.A1 - School Review Calendar Guideline

BP 115 - Recruitment and Selection of Personnel (NEW)

BP 116 - School Community Councils

BP 117 - Transportation

BP 118 – Accumulated Surplus from Operations

BP 119 – Human Diversity



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