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FNMI Outdoor PD - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 26, 2016


Some NESD teachers attended a FNMI Outdoor PD located at The Shale (by Carrot River and the original site of the Big Bert find).

The day was arranged by Sharon Meyer NESD FNMI Consultant and supported by 3 Elders to provide a culturally immersed day regarding traditional life in the outdoors. Elder Harriet Burns shared her knowledge regarding life on the trap line and then guided each teacher to create their own snare and set up in the woods. Sharon shared her knowledge of drying meat and shared dried Bison soaked in chokecherry juice. Then the participants were in a challenge to create their own mini version of a drying rack. They were provided with sinew or string to tie their frame together and cutting shears to cut their wood pieces. The Elders had a judging session and selected in order the most functional drying rack to the least. Trevor Cheekinew shared his knowledge of traditional medicine. He had many plants to share and explained their uses and functions. Elder Franklin Carrier shared his teachings regarding traditional hunting and animal calling. He also had many furs to share with us. We shared a traditional meal of three sisters soup (squash, corn, three beans), roasted bison with chokecherry topping, wild rice with cranberries and maple syrup, baked bannock, fry bannock, chokecherry jam and cranberry jam, and for dessert assorted berries. We had various teas to drink such as muskeg tea, raspberry tea, and blueberry tea. It was a full day at a beautiful site that seems to be a secret in our back door!