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Thank you to all of our Unsung Heroes

February 08, 2021

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Staff Appreciation Week is Feb 7 - 13, 2021 and the Theme is "Unsung Heroes"

What is a hero?  According the Webster dictionary a hero is "one that shows great courage", "the central figure in an event or period".

Over the course of the past several months we have seen and heard the praises of many heroes.  We have many heroes within the North East School Division who are also worthy of praise.  Our list of heroes is extensive and that list includes you.

You may have been the one who navigated a bus, loaded with students, through blizzard-like conditions, or it may have been you who provided a student with a much-needed snack to start their day.  Maybe you reached out and asked a student how they are really doing.  That makes you a hero.

It's been a collaborative effort of the entire NESD to ensure our schools remain open and operating in a safe manner, and for that you are a hero.  You are the ones who have made our schools safe and caring environments; that too makes you a hero.  You have been an integral part of making the education of our students a priority.  Every day you have displayed the greatest act of heroism by contributing to a student's learning. 

Thank-you.  Saying those two simple words just doesn't seem adequate when the appreciation for so many is so great.  To the "unsung heroes" of the North East School Division, thank you!



Marla Walton

Board Chairperson

North East School Division