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Education Week - October 14-20, 2018

October 15, 2018

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A World of Learning For Every the theme for this year's Education Week.

Just a few words, but what do they really mean?

They could mean that the world is now at each and every students fingertips and only a click away.

Or, they could mean that the environment created in our schools is its own world and one that students can't wait to come to. Maybe it means both or more.


I think it means this.......these kids come to school, some willing and some not so much. They come to learn, socialize, and in some cases, escape the world they live in and enter the one you have created.

For all of these reasons and more, it's up to you to be one of the best parts of each and every students day. In how we teach, how we act, and more importantly, how we react. 

Create a world that makes the kids finish their toast as they run out the door because they can't wait to come back to your realm. Open there eyes to a world of "....There are No Limits to What I Can Do!!!....."

You have it in your power to be a pivotal part in the lives of these kids. What a gift.....what an awesome opportunity......what an adventure. 



Luke Perkins 

On behalf of your NESD board