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"Inspiration by Learning" - Teacher & Staff Appreciation week 2018

February 13, 2018

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Dear folks of NESD,

     Hard to believe that we are in February already and once again I have the honour of thanking you for all you do for our division. This year's themes for staff and teacher is 'Inspiration by learning'. Well, I graduated more than a few years ago and you folks inspire and teach me every day still.

      Today is a perfect example. Stephanie and I were trying to find some paper work and one thing lead to another and before we knew it, we were ankle deep in paper and boxes from the past 15 years of our kids and all the paper and projects they brought home from school. Soon we were awash in memories and between tears and laughter we took a trip down memory lane.  So many notes and stories about teachers, bus drivers, secretaries, janitors and on and on. So many of you had an effect on my kids' lives and I can't imagine that most of you know that.  My youngest found an assignment from kindergarten. It was a picture of Captain Hook. The assignment was to state things about the picture. He made observations about being a pirate, robbing people and the fact that because of his hook, going to the bathroom for "poo poo" would be difficult. On the bottom of the picture was a big happy face the teacher put and the words "Excellent job".  Knowing Ethan, he would have beamed from ear to ear and walked with an extra bounce in his step because that teacher told him he did good.......they inspired him. 

     Amplify that by 5000 kids in our division and multiply that all the grades that have came and went and just try to imagine how many kids you have inspired throughout the years. Whether it was a smile on the bus or hallway, recognition of a well-played game, watching kids play outside on the grounds you keep so nice or telling them "excellent job", you have the ability to inspire every one of them.

     On behalf of the NESD board and to all of you who have blessed us by choosing to work in our division, please know that none of this works without you and we are so very thankful for all that you do.


Respectfully and sincerely,


Luke Perkins

Chair NESD