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October 15-21, 2017 Education Week

October 13, 2017

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Hard to believe that we are in a new school year already and getting oh so close to wondering when the new calendars will soon be handed out. Not sure about you folks, but in our house our calendar is marked with events and happenings that took place throughout the year. Some months are so penned and penciled up that the date is almost completely covered. I usually find myself taking a moment, and going through and reflecting on the year. What a year it has been.

        This year's theme of education week is "building our future by learning together ". Most times in life, it is often easier learning by looking back from time to time, and remembering where we were and seeing where we are now.

30 years ago, a computer room in any of our schools consisted of a handful of green-screened boxes that really weren't a whole lot of fun. Can you even imagine our schools without laptops, iPads or internet???

20 years ago a cd was king and most of us could never imagine a cloud would be anything other than something fluffy in the sky.

Then 10 years ago, out comes the iPhone and everything changed forever.

Our schools are now almost shaped to fit hand held technology and learning would just not be the same without them. What's more important now than ever before is that as a whole, we work together to find the " happy place" as we take what we have learned from yesterday and plan for tomorrow. We have instant access to unlimited information and can talk to almost anyone at any time. With all this at our fingertips, one would think it should be a piece of cake to mold the future and make it perfect. We know it's just not that easy. The difference maker though is that if we approach this together with open lines of communication and not scared to ask questions and give ideas, well who knows what will happen.

I do know this though, take a moment and read over your calendar, a year ago most thought that we wouldn't even be here today, yet the NESD is stronger than ever. Take what we have learned and use that information to create an even stronger future. 

     On behalf of the excellent group of people on our board that I have been so blessed to be a part of, we say thanks to all of you for the jobs you all do. Take care and have an incredible year.


Luke Perkins