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Notice of Intent to Change School Attendance

April 10, 2017

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North East School Division No. 200

Notice of Intent to Change School Attendance Area Boundaries

Under authority of Section 85(1)(i) and Section 122(1) of The Education Act, 1995 the Board of Education made the following motion at their meeting held March 21, 2017:

That the attendance boundary for the North East School Division No. 200 will be in accordance with the attached maps:

And that the Gronlid-Tisdale boundary change will be for grades kindergarten to eight and return back to Tisdale for grades nine to twelve;

And that the proposed changes will be communicated in local area papers and correspondence will be sent to the affected families;

And that the Board will be accepting written submissions and/or delegations sharing any concerns about the proposed changes at the May 30, 2017 Regular Board Meeting.

A written submission should be sent to the division office at 402 Main Street, Box 6000 MELFORT SK S0E 1A0 by May 23, 2017. Anyone wishing to appear as a delegation must contact the Director of Education at 306-752-5741 by May 23, 2017 as per Board Policy No. 103.4 (Meetings).


Land locations affected by proposed change to boundaries

Carrot River-Nipawin:

W 04-51-12-W2, E 05-51-12-W2, E 08-51-12-W2, W 09-51-12-W2, W 16-51-12-W2, E 17-51-12-W2, E 20-51-12-W2,

W 21-51-12-W2, W 28-51-12-W2, E 29-51-12-W2, E 32-51-12-W2, W 33-51-12-W2, NE 33-51-12-W2, N 34-51-12-W2,

NW 35-51-12-W2, W 02-52-12-W2, 03-52-12-W2, 04-52-12-W2, E 05-52-12-W2


Gronlid (Kindergarten to Grade Eight)-Tisdale:

NW 06-48-15-W2, N 01-48-16-W2, N 02-48-16-W2, N 03-48-16-W2, 10-48-16-W2, 11-48-16-W2, 12-48-16-W2,

W 07-48-15-W2


For the maps of the proposed boundary changes, please visit our website at

For additional information regarding the outlined changes, please contact the transportation office at 306-873-4555.