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Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
Grad Requirements & Averages


TMSS Scholarship Fund Requirements & Averages 2019


In order to qualify for a scholarship from the TMSS Scholarship Fund, a student must:

  • Have in his/her possession or apply for a Social Insurance Number - the committee needs this to issue the cheque.
  • Meet the criteria of the TMSS Graduation Policy
  • Meet the academic achievement requirements for scholarship.  70% - see below for calculation of Averages.
  • Complete and submit an application to Mrs. Lee by 3:30pm, Friday, May 24, 2019​ deadline.
  • Attend a recognized post-secondary institute.


Payment of Scholarships
  • Recipients will be announced at the graduation ceremonies in June.
  • Monies will be awarded upon receipt of an official transcript from a recognized post-secondary institute.  Where the scholarship dictates a student must be enrolled in a specific college, the transcript must reflect this information.
  • Have obtained the equivalent of 24 (Saskatchewan University) class credits or successfully completed 80% of one full year of study at a recognized post secondary institution within thirty-eight months of his/her June graduation
  • Within this 38 month period, submit to the Chairperson of the TMSS Scholarship Fund an official post secondary transcript verifying the completion of the required class credit equivalents in the area designated by the applicable scholarship.
  • Funds will be held in trust until verification of transcripts.
  • Unclaimed monies shall remain in the TMSS Scholarship Fund.
  • Transcript should be forwarded to:

​TMSS Scholarship Fund

c/o Chairperson

Box 1000​

Tisdale, SK  S0E 1T0



Averages are calculated using the final marks achieved in the following subjects:

  • English A 30
  • English B 30
  • Canadian Studies 30
  • 1 level 30 math
  • 1 level 30 science
  • 1 other course numbered 30 (Special Projects are exempt but on-line and correspondence courses qualify)

In the case where a Departmental final is required, the teacher-assigned mark shall be used in calculating the average except where final marks are available for all students, in which case, the Department marks will be used. Final marks for on-line courses will be obtained from the instructor.

Mark calculations to the Justin Peterson Memorial Scholarship are as follows:
A 20 level Math and/or Science may be used only if no 30 level Math or 30 level Science was taken.​