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Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
How to Register to TMSS
Welcome to TMSS

Online Student Registration:

Simple registration until we get fully online:

  1. Fill out one Online Registration Form for each student you are registering.

  2. Fill out one Online Additional Information Form for each student you are registering.  See Driver Education information.

  3. Fill out one Online Library Card Form for each student you are registering.  See Library information.

  4. Fill out one Subject Selection Form for each student entering grade 10, 11, or 12.  Class information: Subject Selection Guide 2020-2021.

Paper Student Registration - you print and email to

If you have access to a printer, please use this set of instructions:

  1.  Print and fill out Registration Form (student information and library forms) and email to

  2. If your student lives in another school division but wishes to attend TMSS, please fill out this the Out of Area Attendance Request Form first and send to  Students living/billeting in the division boundaries do not need to fill this out.

  3. Students Grade 10-12, please review the  Subject Selection Guide.  Please print the Subject Selection Form 2020-2021 and check off classes your student needs or would be interested in. 

  4. If your student is in Grade 10-12, please fill out the highlighted portions of the Authorization for Guidance Counsellors to Access Student Information.

  5. If your student is 15 years old or older, please write on the registration form if Driver’s Education is needed.  See Driver Education information.  

  6. If your student is in Grade 6-9, please write on the registration form if your child would prefer Art or Band.  If the student is in Grade 7-9, a conversation with the Band teacher may be necessary to determine if the student has enough prior music knowledge to be in the Band program.

  7. Email filled out forms to or drop off at the TMSS office, or mail to: TMSS, Box 1000, Tisdale, SK  S0E 1T0,

Current TMSS Students Who Now Need Bussing

  1. Fill out one Online Registration Form for each student requiring bussing.


Career Planning 

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