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Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
Driver Education

COVID-19 Update - June 10, 2020

Driver Licensing Program through SGI

For students that are 16 years or older, SGI has an alternative method in obtaining a driver's license rather than through the driver education program provided by school divisions. Students under the age of 18 will need parental consent to take the program.

For step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a driver's license through this alternative method, please visit the SGI website.

If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact Scott Racette, Driver Education Liaison with SGI, for more details. The phone number of Scott is 306-751-3550 and he is willing to help anyone that requires assistance – this would include parents and students.

Driver Education In-Car Training

In-car driver education training is part of Phase 3 of Re-opening Saskatchewan that started June 8. The Corporate Response Team has developed guidelines for in-car training and can be found here. The provincial team has notified us of an error in the document – “P.18” should read “page 19 of the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan.” The guidelines will be provided to the driver educators of the North East School Division. Any information from the driver educators regarding the continuation of the in-car training will be provided to the applicable principals in a timely manner.

Driver Education Information from SGI - update April 2020

Student Access to a Learner's Licence.pdf

Success at Driver Education - TMSS Instructions

If your TMSS student's birhtday is before August 31, 2005 and have not yet taken or completed driver education, they are of the age to take Driver Education.  We ask that all TMSS students take driver education.  The next class is planned for _____.  Here is what you need to know for your student to be successful:

1.  Student will need their Birth Certificate/Canadian Passport and Sask. Health Card. 

2.  Obtain an SGI Customer Number.  You must do this by visiting your local motor license issuer or any SGI motor vehicle branch office:

3.  Now, students can get their MySGI account created.

  • Check your email for activation code
  • Register for account at
  • Select I have an activation code
  • Select Submit
  • Enter your customer number and your activation code, select Submit
  • Create username and password and Submit (YOU WILL NEED THIS TO WRITE YOU LEARNERS TESTS)
  • Review and accept the Terms of Use

4.  Students are required to attend classes.  If any student will be missing a class, the student is required to let the instructor know.  Students should not miss more than 2 classes.

5.  Students are responsible for knowing the class schedule and of any date/time changes.  Often, there will be information on TMSS student announcements - check the TMSS webpage, Daily News tab.

6.  Once students write and pass the written portions of the driver's test, they will need to validate at SGI.  Once that is done, students may start driving with parents/guardians and with the driving instructor.

Remember, the cost of Driver Education at TMSS is free.  If you are to take driver education on your own time, it may cost up to $1000.  Therefore, we highly recommend your student participating.

-edited March 4, 2020