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Holly Raczynski

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Holly Raczynski

Inducted 2010 - Athletics

Holly's athletic prowess has led to an impressive array of accomplishments in competitive athletics, as well as ventures into stunt doubling in film and movies.  After several years of competitive gymnastics, in which she was Provincial All Around Champion in 1992 and won Bronze Western Canadian Team medal in 1994, she began martial arts training in 1997.  Holly is ranked in Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing and ITF Taekwon-Do, competing as a member of Team Canada under both the World Kickboxing and the Canadian Martial Arts Associations.  Her most notable achievements include:

National Results

  • 2006 - Canadian Ging Wu Open - 1st in Women's Forms and 1st in Point Fighting; WKA Nationals - 2nd in Women's Point Fighting and 3rd in Women's Continuous Fighting
  • 2007 Nationals (Quebec) - Gold in Fighting and Gold in Continuous Kickboxing

International Results

  • 2006 - Tiger Balm Internationals - 1st in Point Fighting and 2nd in Hard Style Forms; World Open Martial Arts Games (Victoria, BC) - 1st in Point Fighting and 1st in Kickboxing (Women's Grand Champion); Worlds Karate and Kickboxing Association (Spain) - 4th in Point Fighting
  • 2007 - U.S. World's Open NASKA Circuit - 1st in Kickboxing and 3rd in Point Fighting; World's (Kariswruhe, Germany) - 4th in Point Fighting and Silver in Continuous Kickboxing

Holly's martial arts experience led to work as a stunt double and actor.  Her work to date includes:

  • Stunt Double - Tron Legacy ("Olivia Wilde") (2010) Disney movie; Fear Itself (2009) television episode "The Circle"; Smallville (2008) television season seven episode "Sleepers"; Hush Little Baby ("Victoria Pratt") (2007) television movie
  • Stunt Actor - Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2009); Watchmen (2009)

Holly earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and is currently employed as program co-ordinator of the Provincial Martial Arts Association in Calgary, specializing in recreational and competitive children's programming.