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Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
Doug Degenstein



Inducted 2007 - Academics

  • ​Doug is an associate professor of Physics and Engineering Physics at the U. of S., where he earned his PhD.
  • His thesis involved aspects of a technique used to get ozone information from the Optical Spectograph and the InfaRed Imager System instrument (OSIRIS).
  • He was awarded the U. of S. Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award in 2002 recognizing enthusiasm, organization and fairness of evaluation in teaching.
  • Doug has chaired and participated in several important committees:
    • Co-principal investigator of OSIRIS, the Canadian built content of ODIN, an International satellite project attempting to map both outer space and the earth's atmosphere
    • Chair of the Division of Aeronomy and Space Physics (DASP), Canadian Association
    • Coordinator of the "Third Annual Limb Scatter Workshop" in Montreal, 2006, which included scientists from Germany, U.S.A., Sweden, Finland and France
    • Presented a variety of papers related to the OSIRIS measurement and  interpretations at American and European Geophysical Union meetings and at Quadrennial Ozone Symposiums
  • ​​The work Doug has done with OSIRIS has helped to improve measurement and study of the phenomena of ozone depletion.