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Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
David Lamb

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David Lamb, CD

Inducted 2016 - Aviator/Commanding Officer, Citzenship & Leadership

David G. Lamb, CD is a professional airline pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force Commanding Officer, Aviation Consultant and leader in the Aviation Community.  He has served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Canadian Forces and with Air Canada.

  • Received his education in Tisdale and was a member of 624 Tisdale, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.
  • Received an Air Cadet Flying Scholarship in 1964.
  •  Joined the Royal Canadian Air Force.
  • Served two overseas peacekeeping tours flying for the United Nations Emergency Force in Egypt and the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan.
  • Commanding Officer of 402 "City of Winnipeg" Royal Canadian Air Force Squadron.
  • Tactical Helicopter Flight Safety Officer.
  • Helicopter Test Pilot and Standards Pilot.
  • Air Canada International Line Indoctrination and Training Captain.
  • Boeing 747 Second Officer Supervisor.
  • Aviation Consultant.
  • Chairman of the Air Cadet League of Canada, Saskatchewan Provincial Committee.
  • Ten years as president of the Tisdale Aviation Association.
  • Director of the Saskatchewan Aviation Council.
  • Built a high performance homebuilt aircraft.

David is Married to Marlien Fecyk-Lamb and they have three wonderful children and six precious grandchildren.  They fly their homebuilt aircraft for recreation.