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Digital Citizenship Event

June 01, 2017

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Technology in the online world is constantly evolving. It is changing at a rapid pace which makes it difficult to keep up to date with all the new apps and features. Because of the rapid pace at which it is changing our children are being exposed to social situations that they may not know how to navigate through. As parents we are often unaware of what our children are up to on their devices. 

On June  13th @ 6:45pm, our Digital Learning Consultant, Robert Nystuen will be with us to share with parents and students about learning how to keep our children and ourselves safe online. There are so many great opportunities available to our children that we as parents never had access to when we were growing up. We will learn about digital safety and citizenship and the digital footprint that we leave each time we are online. He will also share with us in regards to digital law and etiquette as well as how to report problems we run in to online and supports that are available to each one of us. 

I encourage each one of you to bring your children and join us on this evening as we learn how to navigate the ever changing online world. The evening will be split into 2 parts, the first part will involve parents and their children and the 2nd half will only involve parents. The SCC has committed to providing snacks and childcare for the younger students. 

I realize this is a very busy time for parents and staff, but understand that there is a lot of unknown information in regards to our online activity and there are many questions we have. I  look forward to seeing you out that evening. 

If you have any questions please contact me at the school.