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Star City School
Learning & Growing Together
Principal's Message

As we begin a new year, we do so under a “new normal”. The school may look a little different and some of our practices may be different from what they have been in years past. However, I assure you that student and staff safety and quality education are our top priorities. Each year brings with it excitement about the new and unknown. This year I am anticipating lots of new. We already know there will be a “new normal”, and we will deal with that as it comes. Those are only speed bumps along the journey. They will at times push us out of our comfort zone and that is okay. After all, when we are pushed out of our comfort zone we become more willing to tackle the hard things. It is easy to stay on the ‘easy’ path that is why it is called the easy path. I hope each one of us is willing to take educational risks this year. I want all our students and staff to be willing to learn new things and to do so with confidence. Nobody knows it all or has it all together. I expect we will all make mistakes along the way. That is okay. Mistakes are only speed bumps that provide opportunities to learn.

So, as we embark on the learning journey together, have fun, try something new, and tackle the difficult and unknown with confidence. Have a great year everyone! I am excited to be on this adventure with each one of you!!!!