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Porcupine Plain Comp. School
'B'ears 'E'xpect Excellence 'A'ct Responsibly 'R'espect 'S'how Self-Control
Student Family Handbook

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The PPCS Student/Parent Handbook is an evergreen document, which changes in response to the needs of the parents, students and staff of PPCS.  This is done with the over reaching goal of creating a safe, welcome, orderly and responsive learning environment for all stakeholders, but especially our students.  

All policies and procedures are administered at the discretion of the administrative team of PPCS.  The PPCS Student/Parent Handbook serves as a guide for day to day operations.

All policies and procedures are developed in consultation with the appropriate patrtners and align with the expectations laid out by the NESD through their Mission, Vision, Values and Operational policies.

​Table of Contents​

​1.0 General Information

1.1  Mission and Vision​

1.2  School Staff

1.3  Visiting the School

1.4  Stakeholder Concerns

1.5  Parent Communication with Students During the School Day

1.6  ​Student Travel

2.0 Student Conduct and Discipline

2.1 Student Conduct

2.2 Behavior Matrix

2.3  Student Attendance

​​2.4  Tobacco Products / E-Cigarettes

2.5  Bullying and Harassment

2.6  Discipline Cycle

2.7  Hall Passes

3.0 Nutrition at PPCS

​3.1  Guiding Principles

3.2  Partnerships and Committment

3.3  PPCS Nutritional Operational Guidelines

3.4  Choose and Serve Guidelines

3.5  Peanut Safe

​4.0  Elementary

​4.1 Dress Code

4.2  Bussing

4.3  School Property Damage

4.4  Recess and Noon Hour

4.5  Assignments

5.0 High School

5.1  Lockers

5.2  Good Standing Policy

5.3  Dress Code

5.4  Credits and Classes

5.5  Drug and Alcohol Use

5.6  Bussing, Driving and Parking

5.7  Computer/Personal Device Useage

5.8  Final Exams

5.9  Graduation, Scholarships and Bursaries

5.10  Good Standing Policy

5.11  Success Room​