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Hold and Secure

September 08, 2016

It is occasionally necessary for us to take extra precautions to ensure the safety and security of the students in our school.  Two options that we have are hold and secure and lockdown.  It is important for parents and the community to understand the differences between these and to understand when we use each one.  It is not advisable for us to share all of our protocols publically as that can, in and of itself, pose a risk to our safety and security.

Hold and Secure

- this would be used when the threat to safety and security is outside the building.  In many cases this threat will have nothing to do with the school itself.  For example, if there had been a situation involving the police in town, they may advise that we go into Hold and Secure.  When under hold and secure all of the entrances and exits to the school building are locked.  Access to the building is controlled by administration.  The school would remain under hold and secure until such time as it is determined that the threat is not present.  

- hold and secure may also be used in the case of a natural disaster or chemical/gas leak.

- in terms of parents entering the school during Hold and Secure -- this will vary depending on the situation.  In some cases, parents may not be allowed into the school for a period of time.  In other sitiuations, such as yesterday'​s Hold and Secure, parents were allowed in by administration and students were permitted to leave under the supervision of administration.  

Lock Down

​​- lock down is used when the threat is much more eminent or if the threat is internal.  During lock down, protocol is in place to ensure limited visibility of students and to maximize the protection of students and staff.

- during lockdown no one is allowed in or out of the school and movement within the school itself is also limited.  Communication during a lockdown may be limited and it is likely that phones will not be answered, nor will outgoing messages of any time be endorsed.  This is for the safety and security of the students.

Both our lockdown and hold and secure procedures and protocols are developed with and vetted by both RCMP division personel.  ​​

Immediately following both a lock down and/or a hold and secure a statement will be issued either by the school, such as yesterday, or the division.  Parents will be contacted and made aware as soon as possible.  

As always any questions or concerns can be directed to Dan Mielke 278 2288.