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L.P. Miller Comprehensive School
Committed to Excellence in Education
Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling and Outreach Services

The Outreach Workers are a part of L.P. Miller Student Services Department. Within the school and the community, the Outreach workers support and advocate for the needs of youth and their families to facilitate a positive school environment, learning achievement and involvement in various community events and supports. Access to the services of the Outreach Workers can be self-referred, through school staff, and/or parent/guardian. Please feel free to visit or call: 306 862-4950 (School); Lynn - 306 862-7055 (M-F 8:00 -4:00)  

Personal Counseling

The in-school personal counselor provides counseling to students experiencing serious social/emotional challenges in their lives and provides support and consultation to parents/guardians and staff members in working with those students, when needed. The in-school personal counselor is at LP Miller on Thursdays each week. The Addictions Counselor is available by phone at 306 862-9822 any time. Students are free to access any services on their own by coming down to the Guidance area and arranging a time to meet with counselors. 

Parents/guardians and school staff can also refer students for counseling support by arranging to speak with the counselor directly by phone or in person.

Addictions Counseling

Please feel free to contact Kyle at 306 862-0760

Support Groups

Northeast Outreach Centre - 1-800-611-6349 (Legal Aid Counselor - 862-6220 - Mondays)

Children's Advocate - 1-800-322-7221

Kid's Help Line - 1-800-668-6868

Mental Health/Addictions - 306 862-0760

Kids First (Addictions/Pregnancy Counseling) - 862-6221 or 862-6224

Pride Canada (Drug/Alcohol Crisis Line) - 1-800-667-3747

Public Health -  306 862-7230

R.C.M.P. - 306 862- 6270

Personal Guidance Counselor - 306 826-4671 

Addictions Counselor - 306 862-9822