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Grade 2 Apr 7

April 07, 2020

Daily Learning Plan for Grade Two

Hello families,
I hope you were able to enjoy yesterday's activities! Below are some things you can do today! Please be sure to contact your teacher on Remind if there are any questions.
(Daily activities should take about an hour per day.) Please feel free to continue with any other learning activities that you have been doing.

Tuesday, April 7th
1.      ELA   Story Elements – Characters
ü Read any story. (Use a book from your home, Raz kids or Epic)
ü On a paper or in your journal, write the date and title of the story
ü Draw each character and write something about the character. (If needed, you can ask your adult to help you write or you can just tell your adult about the character)
ü See the example below

Clifford's Easter
CharacterSomething about them
CliffordBig, red, friendly

2.      MATH    skip count by 2,5,10
ü Use your work from yesterday, printing to 100
ü Use a crayon to circle the numbers as you skip count by 2s, choose a different colour to skip count by 5 and then another to skip count by 10
(if you don't have crayons, circle the numbers when skip counting by 2, draw a box around the number as you skip count by 5 and underline numbers skip counting by 10)
ü Then print those numbers on a paper
Ex- 2,4,6, __,___,___,
ü TRY THIS    - start at 3 and skip count 2s
-start at 6 and skip count by 10
ü Don't forget to write it out if you can
Ex- 3,5,7,__,__,__,
Workbook-continue to work on the next 2 pages
(wherever you are in it).