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Grade 2 June 8

June 07, 2020

Monday, June 8th: Daily Learning Plan for Grade Two

Monday's joke: How do you fix a broken pizza? With tomato paste. J
1.     Journal entry topic: Unusual Places
Complete the following descriptive paragraph. Try to write complete sentences, and don't forget your picture at the end. Use your dictionary to help with spelling or underline these words. You can come back to these words later and edit the spelling. Remember to use capitals and punctuation.

Unusual Places

If you could see under my bed, you would be amazed! The first thing you would notice is _____________________. Next, _________________. Finally, ______________. Now, tell me what it's like under your bed.

2. Word Skills: read your word list out loud (to yourself or someone in your family), and then spell out each word out loud (say each letter that makes up the word)
Long List (20 words to know): play, the, friend, went, don't, said, they, funny, can't, like, teacher, grade, this, school, what, when, today, that, something, people
Short List (consonant digraphs "ch", "sh"): chin, shut, fish, rich, lunch
3. Colourful Words (practice your word list using a different colour for each letter)
4. Reading: your goal is to read for at least 20 minutes each day (choose any story from your books at home, EPIC or Raz-Kids)
1. Workbook-you should be close to finishing. Keep going and try to do as much as you can!

ARTS ED: Craft
Join Mrs. Panchyshyn on google meet (room23) at 11:00 on Friday, June 12th. (Message your own teacher if you have trouble joining this meet.) You will need the following items (don't go buy anything new, try to use what you have at home):
路        Paper
路        Ruler or something with a straight edge (like a Kleenex box)
路        A coffee mug or small bowl (to trace around)
路        Scissors
路        Something to draw and colour with (crayons, markers, etc.)
路        Creative attitude J