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Grade 2 June 3

June 02, 2020

Wednesday, June 3, 2020: Daily Learning Plan for Grade Two
Please be sure to contact your teacher on Remind if there are any questions.

1.   ELA –Writing Super Sentences (adding details to writing)
·         Make these simple sentences into Super Sentences:
           I play outside.                                              I went camping.
           I had an ice cream cone.                               I ride my bike.
·         You can create the chart, or just print your sentences on a piece of paper/whiteboard.
**The order of the words in your sentences, do not have to be in the same order as the chart, you just need a word(s) for each category in the chart.

 Describing word(s)Who or WhatDid WhatWhere or whenWhy
My fastdogchased the birdthrough the tall grassto try and catch it.

Journal Writing – Reread Monday's Journal entry. Choose at least 3 of your sentences, to rewrite and make into super sentences. You can write them under your journal entry or one the same paper as the sentences you just wrote.

2.Word Skills: Print your words neatly, onto the correct page in your Personal Dictionary (sent home with school supplies). Take a picture of a page in your dictionary and send it to your teacher.

Long List (silent letters): write, wrong, wrap, knee, knock, know, knot, climb, thumb, lamb
(Bonus words): knowledge, plumber, wrinkle
Short List (consonant blends continued): flap, slam, plant, club, black

3.Reading: your goal is to read for at least 20 minutes each day (choose any story from your books at home, EPIC or Raz-Kids). 

MATH – counting forward and backwards by 10s

1.  Counting forward by 2s - print or say the next 5 numbers in the sequence.

14, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____       27, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____

39, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____       7, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____

2.  Count backwards by 2s – print or say the next 5 numbers in the sequence.
75, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____     63, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____
94, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____       88, ___, ____, ____, ____, ____

 Workbook-continue to work on the next two pages (wherever you are in the workbook).