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Grade 2 June 2

June 01, 2020

Tuesday, June 2nd : Daily Learning Plan for Grade 2

Please be sure to contact your teacher on Remind if there are any questions.

1. Reading. We would like you to go to the Classroom Pages on the CPES website Go to grade 2, ELA, Raz Kids. Look in the space ship called Flight Check. You have been assigned a page to read out loud to me and I can hear you! It was great to hear your voice reading last time.
Follow these steps:
1. Click on the spaceship Flight Check
2. Click the microphone
3. It will tell you how long the activity will take and ask if you have time to do it.
4. Click YES and then begin reading. You will see the time pass on the timer.
5. When you are done click DONE at the bottom on the right side.
6. You will then RE-tell the story – when you are finished click DONE
7. You will then answer 5 questions on a quiz

2. Word Skills:
Long List (silent letters): write, wrong, wrap, knee, knock, know, knot, climb, thumb, lamb
(Bonus words): knowledge, plumber, wrinkle
Short List (consonant blends continued): flap, slam, plant, club, black
The long list and the bonus words all have the silent letters    w   k   or   b.
Print the words into a chart like the example below.
     w                 k                b
 wrist            knife          comb

3. Reading: your goal is to read for at least 20 minutes each day (choose any story from your books at home, EPIC or Raz-Kids)

1. Adding-copy these 5 questions onto a paper and see if you can add the numbers to find the sums. Remember you can only have up to 9 in each column.
Example in red: 6+4=10   print down the 0 and carry the one to the next column.
   16          57         11      14      52      25 
+ 24       +33       +19    +76    +28    +45
2. Workbook-continue to work on the next two pages (wherever you are in the workbook).