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Grade 2 May 11

May 10, 2020

Monday, May 11th: Daily Learning Plan for Grade Two

Please be sure to contact your teacher on Remind if there are any questions.
1.   Break the Code: use the alphabet to answer the questions below.
(a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=9, j=10, k=11, l=12, m=13, n=14, o=15, p=16, q=17, r=18, s=19, t=20, u=21, v=22, w=23, x=24, y=25, z=26)

What kind of dog does a magician have?
1       12 1 2 18 13 1 4 1 2 18 14 15 18 !
What did Batman say to Robin before he got in the car?
7 5 20   9 14   20 8 5   3 1 20     18 15 2 9 14 .
2. Word Skills: read your word list out loud (to yourself or someone in your family), and then spell out each word out loud (say each letter that makes up the word)
Long List (long "o"): shadow, bowl, throw, toast, goal, soap, cold, folded, joke, remote
(Bonus words: tomorrow, uploading, hopeless)
Short List (consonant blends with "r"): frog, drip, brat, print, crib
3. Colourful Words (practice your word list using a different colour for each letter)
4. Reading: your goal is to read for at least 20 minutes each day (choose any story from your books at home, EPIC or Raz-Kids)
1. Math facts-continue to practice using your cards, you should be able to do these automatically.
2. Workbook-continue to work on the next two pages (wherever you are in the workbook).