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Grade 2 May 5

May 04, 2020

Tuesday, May 5th: Daily Learning Plan for Grade 2

Please be sure to contact your teacher on Remind if there are any questions.
We are looking forward to seeing your postcards from yesterday! You can mail them or send a picture on Remind.

1. Reading. We would like you to go to the Classroom Pages on the CPES website Go to grade 2, ELA, Raz Kids. Look in the space ship called My Assignment. We would like you to listen to the story Flying Kites and think about the story elements.
Please write a sentence to tell about each element. Tell about characters, setting, problem and solution. Remember to try to use 7 or more words and punctuation.

2. Word Skills: There are silly sentences written for you this week. Read them over and try to find the spelling words that are spelled wrong. Print a list of the words correctly as you find them in the sentences.

Long List (long "e"): heel, street, feed, peach, feast, teacher, scream, movie, field, piece
(Bonus words: believe, fearlessly, squeezing)
Short List (sk): skin, ask, skill, skunk, skip

-     The techer will feest on a piice of peech in the stret.
-     Did she skream during the movee about the scunk in the feeld?
-     Wow, I cannot beelieve your skil when you scip!

(There should be 12 words spelled wrong)

3. Reading: your goal is to read for at least 20 minutes each day (choose any story from your books at home, EPIC or Raz-Kids)

1. Card Game- Picking Pairs
(This is the game you learned yesterday. I hope you are getting faster at making 10s!)
Choose two suits only and remove the face cards and 10s. Place the remaining cards face UP on the playing surface. Player(s) choose two cards that equal to 10 (ex. 9 of hearts and 1 of spades or 9 of hearts and 1 of hearts). Continue until all the cards have been matched together. If there are remaining cards with improper matches, then you know an incorrect match has been made. Try to find the mistake.
2. Workbook-continue to work on the next two pages (wherever you are in the workbook).
3. Math facts-continue to practice using your cards (these should be automatic)