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Grade 2 April 30

April 30, 2020

Thursday, April 30th: Daily Learning Plan for Grade Two

Please contact your teacher on Remind if you have any questions.


1.    Word Skills: Cross word skills! Have fun deciding which word from your word list is the answer to the clue.

Long List (long "a"): braid, rain, snail, plain, plane, fade, crate, today, relay, maybe

a)      I carry my home on my back. I am a _______.
b)     This means to get lighter or to disappear.
c)      Not yesterday, not tomorrow but ________.
d)     You can do this to your hair.
e)      When you travel, it can be fun to go on a _______.
f)       You can do this type of race in the gym.
g)      This waters the plants and grass outside.
h)     A wooden box to hold things.
i)        This word means the same thing as simple.
j)        An answer to a question that is not a yes or a no.

Short List (st): fast, stop, step, test, stick

a)      Be careful! Watch your ______.
b)     On Friday we will have a word skills ______.
c)      This is the opposite of slow.
d)     You can use this to draw in the dirt.
e)      Mr. and Mrs. Smith held this sign up on crosswalk.

Bonus words: migrate, display, maintain

a)      This means to "show" something.
b)     This means to stay the same.
c)      Animals do this.
2.    Reading: Continue reading books at home, on Raz Kids or on Epic.


1.     Card Game: Flip 10 with adding and subtracting (This is like the Flip 10 card games from earlier this week)

Remove King, Queen and Jacks (ace=1), shuffle cards and deal out 10. Use only those 10 cards and flip over two at once. This will give you a two digit number. Write this number down on a paper then mentally add 10 more to the number, write it down. Now mentally subtract 10 from your original number and write it down.

Example: a 5 and a 3 would give you 53. Adding 10 gives you 63 and subtracting 10 gives you 43.

Challenge: Continue playing with the remainder cards OR shuffle in face cards and continue to play until all cards from the deck are used up!

2.     Workbook: continue to work on the next two pages from where you are now in the Jump Math Workbook.