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Grade 2 April 29

April 29, 2020

Wednesday, April 29: Daily Learning Plan for Grade Two
Please be sure to contact your teacher on Remind if there are any questions.

ELA – Put capital letters on:
  -first word in a sentence                    - the word I
  - name of places                              - names of people and pets
   -days of the week and months              - names of holidays
1.Review and Edit (correct) the sentences.
Directions: Read the mixed up words. Print the words in the correct order to make a sentence. Remember to use capitalization and punctuation and your neatest printing (think about the how to print your letters the appropriate size on the lines, in the "house").

1.     puddles on the ground there are

2.    put dinosaur together a puzzle i

3.    trampoline on outside sister and i jumped my the

4.    ordered we for supper pizza from bills wild pizza

5.    jule ann soap at threw mud puddle the

2. Journal Writing from Monday – Carefully read each of your sentences. Edit (correct) any capitalization, punctuation (. ! ?), and spelling mistakes (use your dictionary or have ask for help). Have a parent check your Journal editing to see how you did.

3.Word Skills: On a piece of paper write your words in alphabetical order (ABC order).

Long List (long "a"): braid, rain, snail, plain, plane, fade, crate, today, relay, maybe( bonus words: migrate, display, maintain)       Short List (st): fast, step, stick, test, stop


Card Game: Flip 10- Sequencing

Remove kings, queens and jacks.  Place the deck of cards face down – flip over ten cards to make five 2-digit numbers. Example: you flipped over a 4 and a 7, you have 4 tens and 7 ones to make the number 47. Start at the top and put your 2 digit numbers in order from greatest to least (big to small) or least to greatest (small to big). Challenge- keep flipping and making 2-digit numbers, and putting the numbers in order, until you have used the whole deck of cards.

Workbook-continue to work on the next two pages (wherever you are in the workbook).