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311- 3rd Avenue, Box 70, Arborfield, SK, S0E 0A0| 306-769-8784| Fax: 306.752-1933 Utility links
Arborfield School
North East School Division
About Us

​​School Mission Statement:

At Arborfield School we support the success of all students through best practices which include reflective well researched instructional, assessment and learning strategies.


Vision Statement:

Our students will experience success in rigorous learning environments differentiated to address their learning needs. Students will be actively engaged in their learning and advocate for their own learning needs.



All students can be successful

All students should be challenged at a level that is appropriate for them.

All students have the right to have their learning addressed in a timely fashion.

A safe, caring environment is needed to support learning.

Teaching and learning is a team effort and requires a strong commitment from all stakeholders.

All staff and students will follow the principles of resepct and accountability.

We value our learning community and celebrate our successes both in and out of school.