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June Wolf Pack Leaders

March 24, 2016


Grade 1/2: Madison

Madison is this month's wolf pack leader for Grade 1/2. Madison is a quiet and respectful student. She has been working really hard at improving her reading and working on her math skills. Madison is a good friend to her classmates and is always willing to help out others. She has improved a lot since the beginning of the year at keeping her environment clean. Congratulations Madison!

Grade 3/4: Dorin

The grade 3/4 wolf pack leader for this month is Dorin.  He has been working very hard on being respectful and remembering to raise his hand.  He likes helping out the teacher and younger students.  Dorin has also been working hard to get his assignments done on time.  Keep up the great work Dorin.​

Grade 5/6: Madison
 Madison is the Wolf Pack Leader for the month of June.  She works very hard getting her work done on time and doing her best at all times.  She is helpful and has a positive attitude.  Madison keeps her area clean and organized.  Congratulations Madison!

 Grade 7/8: Tamara

The grade 7/8 leader for the month of June is Tamara. She has been trying new things out of her comfort zone. She has been participating and enjoying activities. She has had a smile on her face and has been trying to improve in everyday work.

Grade 9/10: Randie

Randie is this month's wolf pack leader for grade 9/10. Randie is willing to help others and always completes her work on time. She is friendly, charismatic, hardworking and up for any challenge. One of Randi’s best qualities is that she likes to lead by example. Congratulations Randie!

Grade 11/12: Shayla

Shayla is this month’s wolf pack leader for Grade 11/12.  Shayla works very hard and always does her best at everything she does.  She is organized, prepared, and dedicated.  Shayla never needs a reminder to get things done, and she uses her class time very wisely.  Congratulations Shayla!!!