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February Wolf Pack Leaders

March 24, 2016


Grade 1/2: Rosie

The February wolf pack leader for grade 3/4 is Mathew. Mathew is a positive student, and always has a smile.  He is a caring person and is always willing to help others out when they need it. Mathew takes pride in his work and always gets his homework done.  Keep up the hard work Mathew!

Grade 5/6: Arianna
 Arianna is the Wolf Pack Leader for the month of February. She is helpful and respectful. Arianna often helps supervise the Gr.1 & 2 students during noon hours. She is respectful in the class towards everyone, the environment, learning and herself. Congratulations Arianna!

Grade 7/8: Jared

Jared is the wolf pack leader for February. He continues to show strong leadership qualities in all his classes. He is a great role model for younger students and volunteers to help out others when needed. Jared takes pride in everything he does.

Grade 9/10: Sianne

Sianne is a diligent student who completes her work on time. She is respectful and always tries her best. She often offers to help her peers. Keep up the great work Sianne!

Grade 11/12: Tristin

Tristin is the Wolfpack Leader of the month for February.  He has shown an immense improvement in getting his assignments completed on time and done well.  He is respectful and works well independently.