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May Wolf Pack Leaders

March 24, 2016


Grade 1/2: Tyson

The wolf pack leader for grade 1 /2 is Tyson. Tyson is a hard worker and a strong reader. He has been working very hard at being a good friend and helping out his classmates. Congratulations Tyson!

Grade 2/4: Brody

The wolf pack leader for the grade 3/4  class this month is Brody.  Brody is a hard worker and he is always ready to learn something new. He is kind and polite and he gets his work done on time.  He volunteers to help out others and is a great friend.  Keep up the great work Brody!

Grade 5/6: Brooklynn
 The Wolf Pack leader for the Grade 5/6 class is Brooklynn. She stays focused in class, participates in discussions and works hard on her assignments, voluntarily staying at recess to complete her work. Brooklynn comes to school with a smile on her face. She is quiet and friendly. Congratulations Brooklynn!

 Grade 7/8: Joshua

The wolf pack leader for the month of May is Joshua. He has been working extra hard in his classes, and has been showing pride in his work. He is a positive student who has been trying to go that extra mile. He has been respectful and has been doing well at trying to follow the school's matrix.

Grade 9/10: Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the Wolf Pack Leader for the 9/10 class. Brooklyn has demonstrated an improved work ethic and commitment in Math 10. Also, she continues to be a positive influence to all the students around her. She is eager, willing and always ready to learn. She is never afraid to ask for help or assistance when she needs it. Brooklyn's upbeat and cheerful personality is infectious to everyone around her!

Grade 11/12: Nicole

The Wolf Pack leader for the Grade 11/12 class this month is Nicole. Nicole consistently demonstrates positive leadership qualities, works hard on her assignments, volunteers her time to many school events and activities, and is a positive influence on the other students in school.​