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Arborfield School
North East School Division
Principal's Message

It feels like spring is in the air! After such a cold winter these warmer temperatures are so welcome. February has been a very busy month for the Wolf Pack! I am so impressed by the number of individuals that work hard at making our school a fun, welcoming and positive environment. We have such great support!

Our SRC is always planning fun activities to make school exciting and memorable for our students. This month our SRC has been incredibly active providing activities for students while fundraising for a very worthy cause, Telemiracle.  Additionally, the SRC planned a number of Valentines activities. Being a member of the SRC takes great dedication and organization. We are fortunate to have a very capable group of students in this important leadership role in our school.  

The grade 9/10 wellness class took on a leadership role this month in their planning of the Elementary Winter Festival. It was so great to see them planning activities for our younger students and working together for a common goal! Thank you to the 9/10 class and Miss Markowsky for all your hard work. I know this is something our elementary students look forward to!  

Our curling teams and coaches have had a busy month. All teams had a positive season with lots of teamwork and individual growth. A special congratulations to the Jr. Mixed team who took home the NESSAC championship! Thank you to Mr. Binning, Mr. Coates and Jeremy Lacroix for all your time and efforts coaching our students. Also thank you to the parents who volunteer to drive students to these events. I would like to extend an additional thank you to Mr. Coates for the various ways he continues to be of help to our school. He is always willing to lend a helping hand!

Heather Turcotte is our Community Wellness Coordinator. This month she began fruit of the month. She also helps facilitate Girls Night Out and Kind Kids Club. Heather is always willing to lend a hand when it comes to supporting health and wellness in our school. We really appreciate her and her work!

This month our SCC showed how thoughtful and creative they are during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. They showered the staff with gifts and snacks all week! It is so nice to feel the support and appreciation of such a wonderful group of people. Furthermore, our SCC has proven time and time again just how passionate they are in ensuring Arborfield School is the best place it can be. We truly have the best SCC!

Speaking of Teacher and Staff appreciation I feel fortunate to be able to work with such dedicated individuals. From quality teaching, extra curricular, planning special events and simply "being there" for our students, the staff of Arborfield works tirelessly to ensure student success. Thank you teachers and staff!

In the words of Helen Keller "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Arborfield School is a prime example of working together to achieve more! Way to go Wolf Pack!

Mrs. Desirea Binning


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